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Most every type of analysis for oil will turn up something that is positive. Only if the equation is very complex will the result be negative. For example, there are three main sources of petroleum. These are crude oil, gas and natural gas.

Production can be measured in gallons or barrels. In theory a barrel of oil is equivalent to one gallon of gasoline, but it really isn’t. It depends on how many people need to have access to gasoline, the cost of fuel and the distance from where it is used.

There are three types of analysis for oil. In general the first is that of the methods of production and where the oil comes from.

The second is the actual extraction of the oil. The third is the energy required to move the oil from where it is found to where it needs to be transported. This process has to use energy.

A third category is analysis for gold. Different metals are harder than gold and it is because of this hardness that it takes more energy to extract them.

The different methods used to extract the metal make it very rare. When someone hears the words ‘analysis for gold’ they automatically think of the prices. This is because gold is used as money and that’s the way that most of the world makes money.

When we talk about gold there are two kinds. One is mined from the earth and another is actually collected in vast quantities by the authorities. The second kind is what is mined out of the earth and the first kind is collected out of the ground.

When analysing the results for oil in terms of the mineral content of the ground, it will always be negative. It will be closer to zero for areas where there is very little mining and closer to twenty-five percent for mines and quarries.

Gold comes from the same places as oil does. It is mined in all of the same places, and the result is negative. This is the same as when analysing the results for oil in terms of the mineral content of the ground.

Most studies reports that are published by government agencies confirm that the oil reserves are overstocked and that there is a great need for new oil supplies. Governments therefore continue to keep certain governments under control and at the expense of the people.

Government agencies like the CIA are heavily involved in a lot of covert operations that involve buying up small amounts of oil at the first possible moment so that commercial companies can then claim their share. The results of these studies are considered as the official estimates of oil reserves, but these are not the real figures.

The amount of oil available depends upon the amount of fuel that is consumed each year. So you may get results that indicate how much oil is left to extract, but the real figures are probably very different. Only when we understand how to analyse for gold and oil, will we have any hope of extracting these elements from our environment.