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If you own a data center, you may have heard about Cloud Computing or Network Infrastructure as a Service. A host of vendors are offering enterprise solutions that include software applications and connectivity that can help customers manage their computing needs. There are a few choices for operating systems in the Cloud, as well as a number of choices for cloud storage, applications, networks, security features, virtualization, and ancillary services.

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Cloud computing is not all about software. Some clouds are entirely virtualized, where each computer runs without a physical machine (CPU, memory, hard drive, etc).

The Open Source Platform has always been a big presence in the community of public cloud-based servers. The Linux distribution is used in many open source networks and is used in operating systems for mobile devices and in smart phones.

The Open Platform, or OSGi, is the native architecture used in many networking products that use a container platform to manage platforms, stacks, and containers. Unlike other open source platforms, Open Platform servers provide software-defined networking to enable services that are inherently more agile and flexible.

OSGi or Container Linux was developed to simplify the management of container and micro-services. These containers are deployed on a managed and hardened platform that runs on multiple operating systems, to provide a complete micro-services environment, management, and security.

Erlang was first developed as an open source language for building highly scalable systems and has gained popularity in large scale applications. The core programming language is based on lightweight threads and transactions.

The Trace Architecture is a system architecture designed to provide a single shared operating system and service provider for each virtual machine. It’s more of a containerization model for networked applications than a pure OS type.

The Hypervisor and Container (HCI) type are an extension of the Trace Architecture that provides a single shared resource and manages resources across all the machines. In addition, it provides an extra layer of security by isolating the system’s guests.

One of the most popular Cloud storage technologies is Simple Storage Service (S3), that offers file storage and retrieval in a standardized way. S3 is based on Amazon’s Glacier storage service.

Datastore in the Cloud offers container-based storage with built-in performance. This allows for either an in-container or out-of-container approach.

Mesos is an open source system for orchestrating tasks across the cluster and is used in Cloud Foundry. It was originally developed by Google to improve scheduling on its MapReduce framework.

The Google MapReduce framework is used to combine Google’s computation power to find patterns in large datasets. The Mesos library handles the scheduling of tasks and coordinates the application and I/O of a workload.